On Friday we used our measuring skills to make an exploding potion! We used measuring jugs and rulers to make sure the ingredients were all accurately measured then we watched them froth and bubble over!

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On Tuesday we planted our fruit and vegetables in our allotment. Hopefully the warm weather will have them growing in no time!

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Phonics lessons

The children really enjoyed taking it in turns teaching their partner some tricky alien words and testing their friends on some sounds. This practice every day for ten minutes will really help in the run up to phonics screening checks!


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Art lessons


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Great home learning!

Wow! Stan has been practising his times tables at home with his sister! Amazing work Stan! I have sent home some phonics sheets with the children this week if they would like to use these to practice for our upcoming phonics screening check.


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Garden centre



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Special birthday show and tell

Today was Elizabeth’s birthday! She brought in her special frame that she made at her Moana birthday party then we sang her happy birthday and gave her a card from all the children in Year 1. Thank you for the lollies Elizabeth!


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Special treat

As some of you may be aware we had a special visitor yesterday. The children were absolutely amazing, answering questions with confidence and showing off their work. They did Headlands proud. As a special treat Mr. Smith arranged for the children to all have an ice lolly on the playground this afternoon. Here is some pictures of how that went down…


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Measuring contest

We worked with partner to throw; quoits, bean bags, rubber balls and javelins. We measured using meter sticks how far we could throw and who had thrown the furthest. We discovered that we threw the javelins the furthest of all the things. Some children even threw it 10 meters! Do you remember how far you threw the javelin?


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In maths we have been learning about measure. We have learnt the key words, ‘taller, longer, shorter, shortest, longest, centimeter and meter.’ We first practiced comparing the length of some worms we had made with playdough. Then we used a metre stick to find object in the classroom that were shorter or longer than a meter. We discovered that we are all taller than a meter! We learnt the key rule ALWAYS START AT ZERO.

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