Boot and shoe museum talk

The children loved seeing all the old shoes! They got to try on some old fashioned shoes such as King’s shoes and Victorian skating boots. We learned how shoes are made ad the materials shoes are made of.

Year 1 listened beautifully, well done!

IMG_3411 IMG_3412

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Mothers Day


Thank you to all the mums,  nans and aunties who came in to celebrate Mother’s Day with us. The children loved making their rockets with you and they are very excited to launch their messages next week. We will be inviting you back at 2:45 to launch the rockets next Monday. You will also be receiving a card on Friday. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Book week


This term we have been learning about and writing the traditional tale, ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker.’ For World Book Day we decided to make our own book about this story and we made our own elves to match.

As part of World Book Day the children have been encouraged to read as much as possible last week and over the snowy weekend. We have asked the children to collect sponsors from relatives and friends for how many minutes they have read altogether last week. So far Class 3 has collected £80! Wow! Well done! There is a prize for the class with the most money raised so keep bringing in those sponsors, even if they are 20p they will help us get some books for the library. Thank you!!


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A big THANK YOU!! To all the parents who came in yesterday morning to help their children design their own castle. It was really lovely to share their amazing writing with you and the children were so excited to read you their poems and perform for you.


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Safer Internet Day

We have been learning all about being safe on the internet this week. On Tuesday we listened to a story about some friends who said unkind words to each other on the internet. We practiced saying kind words to each other and talked about what to do if we feel unsafe online.

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Attendance cup winners!!

We won the attendance cup on Friday!! Well done Class 3 it has been so lovely to have everybody in this week! Keep trying your best to come into school when you can.


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Invitation to parents

Class 3 are having their thoroughly thrilling event (TTE) on Thursday 8th February. We will be putting on an exhibit to show you all of work this term. Be prepared to see some amazing writing and hear some brilliant performances as well as many more! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Information books

We are detectives in Class 3. To figure out the mystery of what happened to Prince Hamlet and his family we have been asking questions. We discovered that the mystery took place in Elsinore Castle in Denmark. We produced a ‘zoom out’ picture in art of Denmark and created some booklets to give lots of information about Denmark. Here are Jayden, Gracie and Melissa’s books. We know lots about Denmark in Year 1!


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Maths buddies

We had a lovely time with our maths buddies last week. They helped us to play addition and subtraction games. We had fun!


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We are detectives

We came into class on the first day back to discover hidden clues and a mystery envelope which tells us about a crime that has happened! We had to use our question words to find out information about the mystery and investigate the clues. It all began with a Royal Wedding at Elsinore Castle…


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